Our Mission

Our forefathers scripted the Constitution of the United States with an ideology that all have the opportunity to achieve great things, and that tyranny & foreign oppression shall never prevail.  Enemies throughout the world will always test our resolve and God given right to live free without fear from hostility.  In Paragon, the American spirit lives on with principles such as honor, integrity and tenacity.

Our mission is simple – provide relevant realistic training, services and consulting to customers with a desire to excel in all types of Surveillance Missions.

Who We Are

We are a small dedicated corps of Technical Surveillance Operators with Special Mission Unit (SMU) & US/UK Special Operations Force (SOF) backgrounds.  Our instructors understand the seriousness of this business, and are extremely committed to ensuring our clients succeed.

The cadre’s knowledge and experience base is derived from 100+ combined years of US/UK SOF and SMU Technical Surveillance assignments.  All instructors developed and adapted their specific individual skills in order to apply surveillance solutions to difficult tactical situations.  All instructors have on-the-ground combat experience planning for, installing, operating and maintaining commercial and government classified technical surveillance systems.  Our instructors have worked directly with industry, on US Government sensitive programs, and have had a broad impact on the capabilities within the Department of Defense (DoD) and other US Federal Agencies.  Cadre members have employed technical & physical surveillance solutions in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our Methodology

There is no knowledge that is not powerRalph Waldo Emerson

Paragon, Inc., located in Fayetteville North Carolina, presents clients with the necessary knowledge to plan for, install, operate, maintain, recover and post process data attained from all aspects of technical & physical surveillance solutions.  We instruct our clients on how to augment tactical planning & problem solving through technical means.  We teach comprehensive courses in many of the primary disciplines of Technical & Physical Surveillance to include, but not limited to, Clandestine Audio & Video Installs,  Concealment Fabrication, Electronic Integration, COTS Manipulation, Tagging Tracking & Locating (TTL), Clandestine/Covert Vehicle Builds, Electronic Signature Reduction, Micro-Controller Courses & Certifications, Additive Manufacturing, Physical Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Surveillance Detection & Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) through realistic scenario based training augmented by classroom instruction.  For clients requiring a mixture of Physical & Technical Surveillance, Paragon has the ability to combine skills and courses as a more broad, all-inclusive, surveillance solution.  Request a log-in and password to view our list of courses and specialized kits.  Our ultimate goal is to have our clients operationally succeed by allowing them to learn through mistakes in a forgiving structured learning environment.


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    Paragon is proud to announce that in January 2020 we opened our new training facility NW of Asheville, NC. The training facility will support all current classes taught at the main Paragon facilities, and will also support local exercises.
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    Paragon is proud to announce a new Strategic Partnership with Emerging Technology Support, LLC. Both companies will now offer a full suite of Electronic Warfare and Technical/Physical Surveillance courses and support.
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    Current IC Position Openings!! Paragon is seeking quality SMEs in the fields of Surveillance & Technical Surveillance for Independent Contractor (IC) positions. Submit your resume under the “Join The Team” tab.
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