Paragon, Inc. now provides expanded services over and above training. Services include a variety of technical & operational support in a variety of areas enhancing your organization’s overall mission effectiveness, problem solving & success rate regardless of task.

Paragon, Inc. Prime & Sub-Contracting Services:

  • Program of Instruction (POI) Development
  • Technical Collection Seminars & Guest Instruction
  • Tagging Tracking & Locating POI/COI Development, TTP Development & Refinement, Testing, Training & Consulting
  • Large Corporation Subcontract Teaming
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Product Testing, Evaluation & Training
  • Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft Support
  • Role Player Support
  • Facilities Lease
  • Exercise Development & Execution
  • Red Cell Operations
  • Low Cost Tracking Solutions & Monitoring
  • “Managed” Attribution Procurement
  • Customized “Arduino Code” Writing Services

Paragon, Inc. Consulting Services:

  • Tactical Problem Solving via Technical Solutions to the Battlefield
  • Team Building & Personnel Management
  • Research & Development
  • Systematic Training Development
  • Field Support
  • Low Cost Tracking Solutions & Monitoring
  • Customized Arduino Solutions

Paragon, Inc. currently has established standard hourly, daily & overtime work rates.  In addition, contracts can also be negotiated on a firm fixed price basis.