Paragon, Inc. is located in Fayetteville NC with a satellite facility outside of Asheville, NC. Paragon’s primary focus is to provide beginning to end instruction, mentoring and consulting in regards to the F3EAD process with emphasis on technical collection technologies and tactics. Our past performance and proven track record are the hallmarks of our continued support to the Special Operations Force/Special Mission Unit (SOF/SMU) units; Federal Law Enforcement (FLE) and Intelligence Communities (IC). Our training is comprehensive and spans all disciplines of Technical & Physical Surveillance with the intent of fusing the skills into a robust collection capability.

Some of the specific disciplines include Clandestine Audio & Video Installs; Commercial Concealment Fabrication; Electronic Integration; Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Solutions; Tagging Tracking & Locating (TTL) Solutions; Clandestine/Covert Deep Vehicle Installs; Micro-Controller Solutions; Advanced Triggering Solutions; Additive Manufacturing; Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance (UTS) Solutions; Physical Surveillance Disciplines & Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR).

Our end-state is to have our clients operationally succeed through SME mentoring, experiential learning and scenario-based execution.