Relevant, Realistic Training Services

Paragon’s primary core services consist of training. Training is the critical skill that differentiates individuals just in the job and individuals who actually do the job. Simply put – material solutions don’t make an individual or force effective, but knowing how to operate and efficiently utilize material solutions along with incorporating critical thinking skills increases their capabilities exponentially.

Paragon provides everything from basic use to operational tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs). Their proven track record along with years of past performance as both a prime and subcontractor have made them the center or excellence for Technical Collection efforts in support of the US Government’s initiatives. In a nut shell, Paragon’s services and support to the SOF/SMU, FLE & IC communities along with their training and TTP development have directly impacted how the United States conducts operations against its adversaries.

Our training services consist of comprehensive courses in many of the primary disciplines of Technical & Physical Surveillance to include, but not limited to, Clandestine Audio & Video Installs;  COTS Concealment Fabrication; Electronic Integration; Advanced Switching & Triggering; COTS Electronics, Microcontroller & Tracking; GOTS Tagging Tracking & Locating (TTL); Clandestine/Covert Deep Vehicle Builds – Equipment Agnostic; Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance; Additive Manufacturing; Physical Surveillance & Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) through realistic scenario based training augmented by classroom instruction.