Autonomous UTS Material Solutions

Autonomous UTS (AUTS) is a term used to expand on traditional UTS capabilities incorporating a global reach and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of the total collection platform while working “autonomously” to collect information on individuals and equipment as part of a total security capability for an organization. The system isn’t biased; it doesn’t profile or purposely violate anyone’s civil liberties, but more acts as a passive signals collection capability enhancing existing security monitoring equipment.

While there are several ways this technology can benefit the US Military, recent US domestic terrorist events on power substations across the US have identified a security gap for remote high value sites. Paragon’s belief is that they have the solution to provide power companies, oil and natural gas companies and other industries with a powerful tool to provide asset protection and assist law enforcement agencies with the apprehension of domestic terrorists. In addition, the relatively low cost of these units provides an additional layer of security for high-net-worth assets, globally, such as yachts, vacation homes & high-net-worth individuals. The concept is to not replace traditional security measures such as lighting, cameras, personnel tracking, locks, security details, etc., but to enhance the total security package with passive signals collection around a location or individual. Contact us for a more detailed capability breakdown.